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B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is a 3 years undergraduate course.This course will teach a management skills and at the same time also building in them proficiently in a specific area. There are many universities in India who are offering B.Com in distance education and prepare the Bachelor of Commerce degree in such a way that the student is exposed to common business principles, and afterwards, to particular comprehensive theory.

There is no entrance examination for admission into B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) degree. Only you have cleared your class 12. This course calls for a student to choose a majority of the courses relating to business depending on the interest of the student like Financial Accounting and Auditing, Banking and Finance, Economics, Actuarial science, Business Management, Foreign Trade Practice & Procedures, B.Com can be done with vocational subjects like Insurance, Advertising and Tourism, Auditing and Cost Accounting, Law, Foreign trade practice and procedures, Company Secretarial Practice, etc. These are some universities, have a look:

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What are different career opportunities after Correspondence BA Education

After earning your B Com in Chandigarh, you can choose from a variety of employment titles. A candidate who successfully completes the B Com has the abilities so that he can execute a variety of professions in a variety of industries. Assets are the most important things for any organisation, and to manage these, all firms need personnel.

Checking a firm’s account information is the primary responsibility of an account. He carries out duties such as preparing the assets and liabilities and maintaining the tracking of all entries by gathering the account data.

tax advisor
In terms of tax legislation, they are experts. Helping people with their taxes and tax jargon is the main responsibility of tax consultants.

must make payments to the government. Common people typically want the assistance of a tax expert since they are unable to understand the normal words of the tax laws. They make certain that their clients’ taxes have been paid on time.
Event coordinator

You have the option of becoming an event organiser after earning your B Com. An event manager’s job is to plan and coordinate promotional, corporate, and social events. An individual with strong managerial abilities can succeed as an event manager.In addition to these job descriptions, there are other others that you can choose from, such as bank point of contact (PO), manager, commodity trader, bookkeeper, etc. Which job you can get depends on your personal and professional qualifications. Make sure to apply for those that fit your interests and skill set so that you can experience significant progress in the future.


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School based activities are growing in popularity. These activities are designed to give students a chance to engage with their peers and work on their own. They can be done at home, in the classroom or out of the classroom.


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School based activities are growing in popularity. These activities are designed to give students a chance to engage with their peers and work on their own. They can be done at home, in the classroom or out of the classroom.

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