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Satya Niketan has only one remote learning institution. We're dedicated to helping you have a better future.
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Only for inquiries about admission to distance learning
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Why Dayitwa Education

The Dayitwa Education of Professional Studies can assist you in advancing your career and gaining stability.

The Distance Learning Centre in Delhi is a place where people can pursue their studies through distance education. This type of educational institute is located in Satya Niketan. It offers distance education courses in various fields, such as IT management and business. Education is an essential part of human development, as it determines your life chances and career options. Education provides you with a solid foundation for advancement and can lead to a rewarding career.

Dayitwa Education is a certified Educational Trust which was established on 15 July 2009. They are striving towards providing the necessary education to each and every person. Their educational programs are designed to enhance the career opportunities of the students. In this competitive world, education is one of the most important things.

Dayitwa Education is committed to providing the necessary education to reach the highest platform.This institute offers a variety of courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. This distance learning center in Satya Niketan is accredited by Many Universities and regulated by the same rules as the other constituent colleges. Correspondence education is an excellent option for those who are unable to attend regular classes. During this type of study, you receive course materials by post and return them to the authority for evaluation. There are a number of distinguished institutes in Delhi that provide correspondence education. Correspondence colleges in Delhi offer a convenient option for completing your education without interrupting your regular job.


Our Top Programmes

We are a unique institution that only offers training in digital marketing, delivered by professionals in the field. To meet the goals of any learner, we have created a variety of adaptable programmes. Select one of the following

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Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM)

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Bachelor of Arts(BA)

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Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCA)

Dayitwa Education Institute of Professional Studies can help you gain security and growth for your career.

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Only for inquiries about admission to distance learning

About Us

Dayitwa Education is the most reputable source of distance learning training and certification, assisting students in reshaping their professions and being future-ready.We offer individualised programmes to meet the needs of every person and promote a positive learning environment.

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